Cool tips for better health

Fruits vegetables with wonderfully cooked peppers

Vegetables are healthy and easily digestible. Fruits vegetables, well cooked does not only appetite but is also a hit with children. But most of all peppers is very popular.

Fruits vegetables has a lot of vitamins and every day should be on the eating plan. Peppers is characterized primarily by your vitamin C content. When it gets cold outside our body needs a lot of vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

Fruits, and other healthy food

Vegetables but has several advantages. It helps in weight loss, fills you up and is characterized by the diverse preparation also very varied. Fruits vegetables give you energy and can be eaten raw or cooked. A spit of sheer colorful fruits vegetables is very suitable for children as a snack. The children learn the different types of vegetables know and love. Peppers belongs to the nightshade family and is known around the world on the menu.

In oriental countries peppers almost every meal Served. Whether hot peppers or stuffed peppers. Peppers is botanically a berry and berries are eaten by adults and children happy. Ripe red pepper contains a lot of vitamin C and about 6 % sugar. 100 grams of pepper contains approximately 290 mg potassium, 20 mg magnesium, 15 mg calcium, 0.2 grams of fat and only 19 calories.

Peppers you can simply give goulash or evening nibble raw watching TV and paying attention to the line. It is definitely better to nibble on fruits vegetables instead of chips or other snacks. Among the fruits vegetables include eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, legumes, melons and of course peppers. Yet this is only a small selection of the fruit vegetable varieties. Make your children or yourself a skewer of fruit vegetables and take them with you to work. You will see that the colorful selection of vegetables stimulate your appetite and you feel comfortable. No matter what we eat, it should be a handful of fruits vegetables always, so that our body gets the necessary nutrients. Recipes for fruit vegetables we find Meanwhile, not only in the grocery store, but also in any good women's magazine or internet. One more tip, a vegetable burger made ​​of different peppers vegetables and fruits vegetables is the best choice for children's birthday as a meat burger. Try it out, your kids will be thrilled.

Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks are in demand as never before. We therefore want to introduce you to 10 healthy snacks for the office, school and sports and sofa that taste especially delicious and quite light and low in calories (< 350 kcal) are. After all, who does not? Feeling a little hungry, we like to use chocolate, chocolate bars and chips. These sweets indeed provide us with a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, but are sometimes hard in the stomach and also make greasy fingers. Just who little moves of office life, which should ensure a balanced diet. Many fruit and vegetable products are prepared quickly, our bodies provide important vitamins, fiber and minerals. In the first part of our series " Healthy Snacks " we therefore give you an overview of our personal top healthy snacks.

1. Apples - Healthy Multivitamin bombs

One thing is clear, if you like to eat something healthy in between, for the fresh fruit is a good choice. Here, the apple of the classics is under the fruit snacks. Also, apples are ideal for the office, because they can be eaten directly, fit in your pocket and are less sensitive during transport. A medium-sized apple (100 grams) has only 50 Kalorien1 and fructose provides quick energy. More than 30 vitamins and minerals help to meet the daily vitamin requirements. The fruit acid of the apple makes him also for " toothbrush of nature", as this helps to clean the teeth.

2. Fruit Chips - Fruity nibbles from 100 % fruit

Since fruit is our passion and we make yummy fruit chips for you, we can not get enough of it, of course, themselves. Fruit chips are a fruity and light snack that not only tastes delicious, but also makes full. In addition, dried fruit has the advantage that it does not stick to your fingers and is thus ideally suited for the work at the desk or the school break. In addition to the classic apple chips there are, inter alia, Pear chips, pineapple chips, Kiwichips, banana chips, mango chips, dried prunes, dried apricots and more. Dried fruit is particularly High in fiber and provides essential minerals. Buyer should make sure that the dried fruit is unsulphured and not fried and prepared without added sugar and preservatives.